The Philippines: August 20th - August 31st, 2018

This trip includes traveling and ministering to the Tinananon Manobo people in the Philippines from August 20-31, 2018. The main target of this trip will be the Tinananon people where Evergreen Missions has been ministering. The Tinananon people group consists of 9 different tribes on Mindanao, totaling over 100,000 people. Up until 2013, they were an undiscovered and unreached people group.

During this trip, Harvest Equippers will be joining Evergreen Missions to present and perform with culturally significant instruments for the Tinananon people's first nationally recognized tribal gathering. The Filipino Government has designated this gathering as "Indigenous People’s Day". All of the Tinananon will be coming together to celebrate their tribal heritage and to be officially recognized as a people group for the first time in their history. During this gathering, we will present gifts to the Tinananon people to help serve as ambassadors of Heaven and God's family. Team members will have the opportunity to serve Jesus by bringing His gospel to the Tinananon people.

An addition to this trip will be another gathering of pastors, leaders and students from different Manobo tribes. We will take time to seek the heart of God in worship, teaching and training. Our desire is to help partner with the local body of Christ and Evergreen Missions in seeing God reach the unreached people of the Philippines. 


In the Philippines, there are 178 tribes and language groups and many of them are still unreached. There are still people groups that haven’t yet heard the name of Jesus. We hold fast to the truth that God has called all people, all languages and all tribes to His gospel and Kingdom.

The Philippines is considered the open gate of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all of Asia. Why? Because it is the only Christian nation in Asia and the only Asian country that speaks English as a second language. For those two reasons, God has been preparing Filipinos across the country to become ministers to other Asian countries where foreigners like us are unable to go to. God is raising this nation up for a specific purpose like no other country in the world. The mandate is on us to help equip and empower Filipino believers and churches to be built up in God’s goodness and light.






Caleb and Gladys Byerly are the founders of Evergreen Missions. Their focus is to partner with God in bringing His kingdom to the Earth. Caleb and Gladys focus mostly on mentoring and discipling indigenous leaders, who will go to their own people and bring them life from Christ Jesus. The partnership of powerful friendships with locals in these different locations is expanding God's Kingdom of love and developing strong Biblical-based foundations for the next generation. Caleb and Gladys are ministering the Father's love to the indigenous, training and equipping leaders and pastors for the end-day harvest.

"If I can do one good thing in this world, let it be that I hear God's voice and respond to it. If I can do another good thing, let me teach someone how to hear His voice." –Caleb Byerly