A few years ago, we transformed our church building into a community arts center that would be available as a performance and events space. In addition to our main auditorium, we offer a dance studio, an arts studio, and a recording studio; all accessible by the community at large!

Performing Arts Venue

We offer Harvest House as a way of expressing our belief in the arts. We believe that the arts are a gift given from God that should be shared with the world. We invite everyone to share their gifts, as we give back what has been given to us.

Dance Studio

At Harvest House Dance Studio, we teach our students to dance with excellence. We create a safe and encouraging atmosphere to ensure that each student has a fun and enjoyable experience while learning the art of dance.

Recording Studio

We also have a recording studio in our building. Check out the playlist below to listen to some of the music coming out of Harvest House Recording Studio. 

Art Studio


Jacob and Melina Daniels, our head artists, put it best... 

"Creativity is not reserved for the deep thinkers, right brained, or the free spirits. Creativity is a way of life, and should be accessed and celebrated throughout the most extravagant and mundane rhythms of one's day. We create because we were made by the Creator. We hope that our work not only connects to your personal story but also inspires you to create spontaneously, intentionally and out of your overflow."